Bringing the blockchain to life

We develop a more secure, faster and scalable blockchain solution for enterprises, based on “proof of hardware” consensus, focusing on real world IoT deployments.

Proof of Hardware

At Aitivity we have developed what we call “Proof of Hardware” blockchain technology that focuses on enabling the blockchain for IoT usage, giving devices the possibility to interact with trust in a secure and simple way.

One of the perks of our technology is that it does not change the global behavior of the blockchain and can be easily integrated into any existing blockchain application, thus replacing the ‘Proof of Work’, while at the same time keeping the already established apps built on top of the blockchain running without any problems or needed modifications.



Trustable from small private blockchains to global public blockchain.


From NFC Tag to Internet servers.

Cost effective

Predictable and scalable costs, known from the get go.

Transaction time

Hight speed and high volume

Fully secure

Trully secure Sensor to Blockchain pathway, ensuring high quality data where eit matters the most.

Environmental friendly

No more mining, no more wasted energy.

Our focus: IoT

The IDC estimates there will be around 30 billion connected ( IoT) devices by 2020. It is predicted that 20% of all IOT deployments by 2019 will have basic blockchain functionality. No doubt, the application of the blockchain in the IoT domain has a vast potential.

Our technology is specially suitable for real world IoT deployments, providing a scalable and efficient solution, that also offers first-class security by providing a secure sensor to blockchain pathway.

Problems our technology is solving

Transaction costs

Transaction costs on global trusted true decentralized blockchain are variable and unpredictable, ranging from $0.1 to $5.

3rd party

Cloud 3rd party blockchain solutions are still centralized, with providers focus on transaction fees.


Identity on the blockchain is hard to prove, current solutions require extra data/system for certification.

About us

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Founded by two passionate hackers, one a recognized engineer, an author of a programming language and the other a founder of a mining multinatonal, Ativity was established in France back in 2018. Starting as a hardware based cyber security company, today Aitivity is focused on developing a more secure, faster and scalable blockchain algorithm for enterprises.

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Aitivity SAS
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